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Armfight #50 & Złoty Tur 2018

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igor 1

21.06.2018 09:05

aront09 hey

25.06.2018 14:04

aront09 how can I pay for zloty tur 2018 ticket ? I want to watch it live in Rumia

25.06.2018 14:05

leonce hey

10.07.2018 11:25

leonce 😆

10.07.2018 11:25

Быстрее бы ноябрь ;))

18.07.2018 19:06

romeobum недоступна оплата через paypal. Нажимаю оплатить на сайте armbets, затем переходит на страницу paypal и падает в ошибку

27.07.2018 19:14

romeobum о, заработало! ждем ноябрь!

27.07.2018 19:15

slava Оплачивать сколько 35 дол?

29.07.2018 19:48

slava за вендетту 50

29.07.2018 19:49

александргончаренко а сам билет на тур сколько стоит?

30.07.2018 13:00

Malolat http://zlotytur.com/ticket.php

30.07.2018 15:31

Ларрат победит!Пушка победит!

08.08.2018 15:00

JonasLaursen I have bought the Pay Per View. Is larratt vs cyplenkov on sat 15:00?

09.08.2018 21:53

Sviatoslav Підкажіть, як придбати товари за армкойни?

13.08.2018 13:04

17 november 2018 - 15:00

Rumia, Poland

“Zloty Tour” Professional Armwrestling World Cup and Vendetta ALL STARS - Armfight #50 series of 6-round fights will be held for 2 days in the center of Europe. The armwrestling table will bring together champions from all continents and viewers from all over the world will have the opportunity to watch the battle of the strongest in real time.

“Zloty Tour” Professional Armwrestling World Cup is the main armwrestling event of the year. The world's strongest armwrestlers from more than 25 countries have been participating in this tournament since 2000. Only the best fighters in different weight categories receive an invitation to this event. World fame and professional careers start here and new Stars of the sport are lit. But even champions, recognized by the whole world armwrestling monsters are experiencing excitement before the World Cup, as its result is always unpredictable.

Become a witness of this grand event and experience a storm of emotions together with the strongest athletes of the world during a 2-day live broadcast on Armbets.tv.

Vendetta ALL STARS - Armfight 50

Armfight is a fight beyond human physical capabilities. Vendetta ALL STARS are a series of incredibly heavy 6-round fights of the world's top athletes. They have repeatedly proved their primacy in the Olympus of the world armwrestling, but they want to go higher to prove themselves that there is no impossible. Vendetta ALL STARS - Armfight 50 is an unforgettable historical event.

Do not miss the live broadcast on the Armbets.tv platform. Join today!


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