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Real Armwrestling - Episode #3

Real Armwrestling Episode 3 is the third program of documentary armwrestling series which highlight the key events and personalities in the World’s armwrestling. These breathtaking stories were documented and produced by Igor Mazurenko - world’s legendary armwrestling promoter. Series include materials never published before.

What happens when a Real Power Performer meets a Wise Strategist?

Who possesses the best armwrestling technique in the world?

Who is the quickest puller in the world?

Who climbed up the ladder to armwrestling Top faster than anybody else?

Ievgeniy Prudnik vs Wagner Bartolato.

Nemiroff Professional Armwrestling World Cup 2013.

Sensational victory of Eugeniy Prudnik.

Armwrestling Technique Tips.

Sergey Tokarev vs Michael Todd

Legendary armfight Andrey Pushkar vs Devon Larratt at Vendetta in Vegas.

John Brzenk - the best technician of the world armwrestling.

Alexey Semerenko vs John Brzenk.

Taras Ivakin vs John Brzenk.

Taras Ivakin - the world strongest top-roller.

Pascal Girard - the world most endurable puller. Great technique combined with incredible endurance.

The longest armwrestling match in history: Evgeniy Prudnik vs Pascal Girard.

World Armwrestling Championship 2013, Gdynia.

Alexey Voevoda - the quickest success in the world’s armwrestling history.

Alexey Voevoda vs Michael Todd - Armfight in Bulgaria.

2016-01-14 | 2795 views
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